Catherine Loves Her EnergyFit Home

Spanish Springs ”Another winter had gone by with me paying astronomical energy bills and still being cold so I was wondering what could be done to a 27 year old 2×4 stick-built house to at least keep warm at that cost. A postcard in the mail introduced the Home Free Nevada energy upgrade incentive program and Energy Masters was listed as a provider on the Home Free Nevada website. They seemed to be a locally owned, well established company with a very informative website.

Many improvements were made to the house this summer but I believe the upgrades done by Energy Masters to be the most worthwhile and will certainly save me money. The contractor who did most everything else on the house is my brother and he looked over their quote and said it was a good price even at the full $4330. If you think your house is wasting energy call Mary – you can’t go wrong”  Read Catherine’s Full Testimonial here.

Gary & Sarah

Hear Gary & Sarah talk about how easy it is to participate in the EnergyFit Nevada Program!


Bill discusses the measures performed on his EnergyFit Home and the great financing options available!

Dominic & Amanda

Amanda & Dominic discuss the environmental & quality of life aspects that are important to them about their EnergyFit home!