Questions About Upgrades

Can I do the upgrades myself?

For us to ensure that Home Performance with ENERGYSTAR® standards are met, home energy improvements must be completed by EnergyFit Nevada participating Partners. FIND A CONTRACTOR. Through our contractor based model, you are partnered with one Partner to coordinate the energy improvement process from initial assessment through to project completion. Our participating partners have the building science training to complete the work correctly. We are always looking for additional Partners. Please visit BECOME A PARTNER

Do I have to implement all of the recommended measures?

The beauty of the EnergyFit Nevada program is that you decide what upgrades you want to implement and which ones you don’t. Our partners can help you understand the best sequence to complete improvements, health and safety issues and priorities to maximize effectiveness. There are a lot of different ways to achieve 15%, 20%, 30% energy efficiency and greater. You decide what the best combination is to achieve the goals that you want to reach for your home and your family.

Basic Upgrades

  • ENERGY STAR appliances (dishwasher, clothes washer, dryer, refrigerator)
  • HVAC tune-up
  • Programmable thermostat
  • LED and CFL lighting replacement
  • Air sealing
  • Attic insulation
  • Crawl space/basement insulation
  • Combustion safety testing
  • Smoke detector/CO detector
  • Window tinting/sun screens
  • Low-flow water fixtures

Advanced Upgrades

  • High efficiency furnace
  • Energy efficient cooling
  • Energy efficient hot water heater
  • Solar water heater
  • Energy efficient windows
  • Wall insulation
  • Variable speed pool pump
  • Cool roof
  • New/replacement ducting