Homeowners Discuss EnergyFit Nevada Upgrades

In case you haven’t heard, an EnergyFit Nevada home is a more comfortable, less costly, safer and healthier home. And with the rebates and incentives that are currently available, it’s an affordable investment for any Nevada homeowner.

Listen to what these happy homeowners had to say about their experience with EnergyFit Nevada:

Their energy bills dropped so much since an EnergyFit Nevada upgrade, Gary and Sarah went from dreading their bills to looking forward to receiving them. That’s a true testament to the potential of home performance upgrades with EnergyFit Nevada!

Bill discusses the particular energy-saving upgrades that his EnergyFit Nevada Partner Contractor completed in his home, as well as the benefits: it’s quieter, it’s more affordable to keep it comfortable, and the indoor air quality has been improved.

And the finances are even better: “It’s basically like free money.”

Dominic and Amanda had an energy retrofit completed six months to reduce their environmental impact and energy consumption, and maybe save some money in the process. Six months later, they couldn’t be happier with their home.

As for the cost? Dominic says that “with the savings, the cost of the retrofit is pretty much cancelled out. It’s really a no-brainer.”

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