EnergyFit Releases Its Annual Report

EnergyFit is excited to announce the release of its first Annual Report! We are very proud of the work we have accomplished and all of the progress we made across the state of Nevada over the course of 2013. We’d like to thank all our community partners for their support!



Highlights from the report include:

Efficiency Impact

  • Completed energy assessments and upgrades on more than 800 homes in Nevada, resulting in 1.5 million square feet of improved housing stock in the state.
  • Reduced homeowner energy usage by an average of 24 percent.
  • Saved an estimated 15.5 million kWh of electricity by reducing energy consumption

Economic Impact

  • Contributed over $14.5 million in economic impact to the state through lifetime energy savings to homeowners.
  • Infused more than $4 million into local economies through certified contractors and auditors that provided more than
    26,000 in workforce hours.
  • Recovered more than $1.2 million in unnecessary energy cost consumption, thereby providing residents with more disposable
    income to stimulate local economies.
  • Leveraged funds to generate a $200,000 loan pool for energy efficiency upgrades while laying the groundwork on a new $1.2 million loan fund.

Environmental Impact

  • Removed an estimated 7,500 tons of CO2 from state emissions.
  • Improved the indoor air quality of over 800 homes, including several that were contributing to asthma and other health complications.
  • Demonstrated that energy efficiency is competitive with new electricity generation technologies in terms of performance and physical environmental impact.

Educational Impact

  • Worked with the Desert Research Institute Green Power Program and other partners to reach 3,400 students through 91 teachers at 58 schools throughout Nevada.
  • Developed the Whip Your Home Into Shape energy efficiency campaign to promote energy efficiency assessments with a combined paid and public service schedule resulting in more than 1.5 million broadcast views.
  • Participated at various community events (Green Chips Convene For Green, EnergySmart Educators, Greenfest, and Solarbration) to reach an additional 100,000+ residents.

Market Transformation

  • Trained and certified 35 workers who work with 18 participating contractors in Nevada to comply with Building Performance Institute standards and Home Performance with ENERGY STAR .
  • Demonstrated how $1 million invested by the state returns as much as $1.4 million to local economies.
  • Developed collaborative partnerships within the residential, commercial, and government sectors to ensure all stakeholders in sustainability move in one direction.


To view the whole report click here: EFN Annual Report 2013.


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