EnergyFit Nevada Offering a $2,000 Rebate Through February 28!


For a limited time, EnergyFit Nevada is offering a Winter Special rebate of  $2,000 for home energy upgrades that lead to energy savings of 20% or more. There is a limited number of these rebates — only 150 — and all upgrades must be completed and submitted by February 28, 2014 in order to qualify.

The rebates are available on a first-come, first-served basis. To participate, simply submit proof that you have had an assessment completed on your home, as well as a signed contract for the work. Remember to act now, because the rebates will run out!

The increased rebate amount was announced publicly by our new Energy Director at a recent press conference in North Las Vegas, and is intended to spur even more homeowners to participate in this program that is helping Nevadans across the state enjoy lower energy bills and more comfortable homes.

EnergyFit Nevada upgrades follow a three-step process:

1) Assess

An EnergyFit Nevada Partner contractor will evaluate your home for signs of energy waste, and create a customized plan of attack to most cost-effectively improve your home’s energy efficiency, comfort, durability, health and safety.

2) Upgrade

A Partner contractor will then complete the recommended work, which may include anything from attic insulation to duct sealing to new windows. It all depends on what your home needs, and how you and your contractor choose to move forward based on energy savings goals, budget, and other considerations.

3) Rebate

Once the work is completed, and has been “tested out” by an EnergyFit Nevada Partner to ensure that energy savings goals have been accomplished, you’re ready to collect your rebate. Remember that the Winter Special is a limited-time offer and that all work must be completed by February 28, 2014! (15% energy savings still qualifies you for a $500 rebate — this rebate does not expire in February!)

As an added bonus, we’re currently offering a discounted EnergyFit Assessment through Groupon. Sign up for an assessment now for the discounted rate of $99, and join the more than 800 Nevadans who are enjoying lower energy bills, increased comfort and a healthier indoor environment thanks to EnergyFit Nevada!

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