An Energy Assessment at Paul Thomsen’s House

Paul Thomsen is the Director of the Governor’s Office of Energy here in Nevada. In that position, Paul has been an outspoken advocate of improving the energy efficiency of Nevada’s buildings in order to save Nevadans money, sustain local jobs and reduce our state’s environmental footprint.

But Paul not only talks the talk; he walks the walk. Last month he had an EnergyFit Nevada Partner Contractor conduct an Energy Assessment on his Reno home in order to identify the best opportunities for energy saving upgrades.

The results of Paul’s assessment were somewhat typical of single family homes in the region. The contractor found that great improvements could be made by tackling the “low hanging fruit” with air sealing and improved insulation; and that further improvements could be made through upgraded HVAC equipment and other measures.

Check out a few photos from Paul’s assessment below. If you haven’t yet had an assessment on your Nevada home, sign up today to get started on the path to improved comfort, lower energy bills and a reduced environmental impact!

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