Our Story


Our mission is to provide a pathway to energy efficiency for our community through outreach, education, workforce development, and ensuring the highest standards of Home Performance with ENERGY STAR.

Our vision is to see every Nevadan living in a healthy home that saves energy and money, while contributing to the economic development and future prosperity of Nevada.

Our History
Community visionaries determined to overcome the barriers to an energy efficiency market in the Silver State started EnergyFit Nevada in 2010. The major barriers identified at the time of the organization’s formation included a shortage of consumer awareness and therefore demand within the sector, the lack of a trained, certified and supported workforce of auditors and contractors, and a need for economic incentives, rebates and financing for homeowners.

Results and Outcomes

Over the past four years, EnergyFit Nevada has:

  •  Improved 1.5 million ft2 of Nevada’s housing stock.
  • Contributed over $4 million dollars and 26,000 work hours to Nevada’s small business community.
  • Saved Nevada families 15.5 million kWh, an average of 23% of their energy usage and a total lifetime energy savings of $6.5 million.
  • Abated over 7,400 tons of CO2.
  • Decreased the cost per home of program delivery from approximately $10,000 to just over $2,000.
  • Contributed Over $14.5 million of total economic impact to Nevada through lifetime energy savings to homeowners and dollars to the industry.
  • Created a successful pilot program for homeowner financing with zero default.
  • Developed a strong foundation of trained and licensed auditors and contractors dedicated to home performance.
  • Built and continually improved organizational infrastructure around market needs and core competencies.
  • Been responsive to available funding sources and adjusted accordingly to ensure long term sustainability of the organization.