Comfort, you know when you feel it.

We transform homes, making them more comfortable, healthier, safer, more efficient and more valuable.

How it Works

EnergyFit Nevada helps educate you on your home’s energy use, suggests important comfort, health and efficiency improvements; connects you with skilled contractors and makes sure you are happy with the results - a home that saves about 30% of its energy and puts money back in your wallet each month.

Sign Up

Email us at or call us at 702.734.2000. A EFN team member will confirm your sign-up and connect you with a licensed energy auditor to schedule your assessment.


A licensed energy auditor will perform an in-person evaluation of everything in your home that uses or could be wasting energy. You'll receive a report of your home’s performance.


You choose the measures that make the most sense for your home and budget, we help make the cost manageable with utility rebates and financing.


Work with our contractors, the quality assurance team reviews the work to make sure it qualifies for Home Performance with ENERGY STAR. Get ready to love your EnergyFit home!

Energy Savings You Can Feel

Energy Use


The average EnergyFit home saves 30% on its energy use.



The average homeowners save $950 each year on their energy bills.

Home Value


An EnergyFit home is 6 - 9% more valuable than the home next door.

Happy Homeowners

My favorite thing about the program is the education process and immediate results. Not only did the technician explain several options for improvement, they were able to forecast savings. Over the first year, my monthly savings was between 40-60% and my indoor environment was more consistent.

- Dave
Las Vegas, NV

The price was fair and the work was done on time and well! In addition to doing the work on our house, the contractor also helped us negotiate through the EEM process - providing the proper reports to our lenders to ensure the process went smoothly.

- Ron
Reno, NV

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